Phone number for rent
(812) 333-1-222

General characteristics

Site area of LEADER TOWER business center is 4587 m2, building area – 1170 м2. Land is property of a legal entity.

Business center building has 40 floors, height of a typical floor is 3,3 m, height of ground floor is 4,5 m. Total height of building is 140 meters.

Total area of the building is 52 000 m2. A typical floor consists of 4 blocks of 180 m2 and 230 m2. Each block allows customable layout. Each block has a WC and a small canteen. The center of each floor has rooms that can be used as conference halls.

Apart from the offices the business center is going to have cafeterias and restaurants, as well as a panoramic restaurant on the 40th floor. Those who are fond of refined leisure time, can enjoy the sigar club and the wine club. Some space will be dedicated to art exhibitions.