Phone number for rent
(812) 333-1-222


Excellent technical parameters of LEADER TOWER are not the only source of comfort for our tenants. Business center infrastructure also adds to the list of advantages: there are plans to open a fitness center, cafeteria, wine and cigar club, art gallery, delivery and booking service and spa.

Cafeterias, restaurants

Panoramic restaurant

The 40th floor of the business center is the location of the panoramic restaurant which is the highlight of the Leader Tower business center. One side of the restaurant looks over the Konstitutsii square and the center of the city, and the other side looks at the Pulkovo heights. Here you can enjoy the excellent cuisine, and can get a fresh view of St.Petersburg as only here the whole city lies spread before your eyes.

Observation deck

Leader Tower rooftop has an observation deck connected to the restaurant. You can enjoy the marvelous views of St.Petersburg from the height of 140 meters.