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Phone number for rent
(812) 333-1-222
Leader Tower

First in St.Petersburg

LEADER TOWER – TOWER is an A-class business center that can be rightfully considered the first sky-scraper in St.Petersburg. LEADER TOWER reaches height of 140 meters, which is taller than the spire of Peter-and-Paul fortress. Being the first is an undoubtedly honourable mission, but a responsible one as well.

We invite visitors of the website to take a tour around our business centre: enjoy the panoramic views, appreciate the refined interior décor and convenient layout, discover new opportunities and see new perspectives.

Bird’s eye view

Our business center has 40 floors, including 34 floors of offices. Ground floor is hall with reception zone, 1st and 2nd floor comprise cafeterias and business center service offices, there are 3 technical floors, and the top floor houses a panoramic restaurant with an access to the observation deck where you can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the city.

In the center of business life

Convenient location of LEADER TOWER on Konstitutsii square next to main city roads makes the city center easily accessible, and suburbs can be reached without having to drive through heavy traffic.

Konstitutsii square is the location of offices of the leading energy sector companies, as well as of numerous offices of other companies. Location is quite close to the official government route - Moskovsky prospekt that leads to Pulkovskoe highway and into Pulkovo 1 and Pulkovo 2 airports. Such location will make you feel in the center of business life and steer your business efficiently.

«Live» facade

The unique façade of LEADER TOWER can alter itself depending on the time of the day. In the daylight its mirror surface reflects the sky and the surrounding buildings, so the color solution of LEADER TOWER looks vivid and harmonious. During the night the surface of the business center turns into an ultramodern media façade to show bright animation and images. This unique technology allows you to implement the most creative advertising ideas.