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Higher than everybody else. “Delovoy Peterburg”

End of 2012 is the planned timeline for launching LEADER TOWER, the tallest building in St.Petersburg. It is going to be the first skyscraper in our city, much taller than other tall buildings - 140 meters of glass and concrete elevating over Konstitutsii square. Now the composition of the Lenenergo buildings adjoining LEADER TOWER has been completed with a vertical dominant, and the perspective of Novoizmaylovsky prospect has been completed with a slender tall structure visible even from some points in the city center.

Just like other premium business centers, LEADER TOWER is going to house two unique restaurant projects created by ReCa holding on its top floor. It will be a landmark event for St.Petersburg, ranging our city together with the culinary capitals of the world. Restaurant will have access to the glazed observation deck with a panoramic view of the city.

Another peculiarity of the business centre is going to be the media façade, at night-time it will be converting into a giant advertisement surface with capacity to show high resolution images and videos.

The building has high-class technical systems that can be controlled independently within each office and ensure efficient use of electricity. Climate control system enables you to create maximally comfortable conditions in your office depending on the quantity of employees and weather conditions.

Ultramodern German technology of façade glazing with extra heat insulation glass units ensures maximal efficiency of the automatic climate control system.

Apart from engineering innovations we will present hi-tech telecommunication systems: high speed internet connection, PBX with function of recording phone calls, etc.

But technical aspects are not the only source of comfort for the tenants of LEADER TOWER. Infrastructure of the business center will be enhanced with a number of pleasant extras: panoramic restaurant, but also a fitness centre, cafeteria, wine and sigar club, art gallery, delivery and booking service, and spa.

LEADER TOWER business centre renews the business environment of the Moskovskiy district. Konstitutsii square has been industry-oriented for many years, but now not only the energy sector companies, but also other large tenants will be able to get comfortably based in this business center with its 40 floors of almost 40000 sq.m of rentable surface!

In future LEADER TOWER may become one of the most expensive and prestigious business centres of St.Petersburg: panoramic offices, convenient location to reach city centre, metro stations, airport and main city roads may attract large companies aiming at maintaining their image literally at a very high level.

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