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First skyscraper to be constructed in St.Petersburg.

Construction of the first skyscraper of St.Petersburg will be completed in the beginning of 2013. The tower is going to be 140 meters high.

“Leader Group” company has reported reaching the final stage of the grandiose construction project of the Konstitutsii square. LEADER TOWER, the new A-class business centre, is to be completed in the beginning of the next year.

The new business center is promising to be very pretentious: the top floor will have a panoramic restaurant with access to observation deck. At night time the surface of the business center will be turning into a giant multimedia support for implementing the most daring advertising projects.

The construction company promises that LEADER TOWER will get a most state of the art equipment. Modern technical systems controllable independently within each office ensure efficient use of electricity. Climate control system will enable you to configure maximally comfortable conditions in your office depending on the quantity of employees and weather conditions. Ultramodern German technology of façade glazing with extra heat insulation glass units ensures maximal efficiency of the automatic climate control system.

Business center is a tower rising between two horizontal wings on the right and on the left completing the architectural composition of Lenenergo office buildings. Construction of LEADER TOWER has provided a dominant for the Konstitutsii square, and the fully glazed façade has formed a uniform vertical surface.

Completion of this project will probably not just change the business image of Moskovskiy district, but might even become a landmark project for entire market of commercial property. Konstitutsii square had been industry-oriented for many years, and that was unlikely to change soon due to absence of offices to rent. Upon launching of the new LEADER TOWER business center with over 40000 Esq. of surface to rent, many companies, even large ones, have obtained a chance to get comfortably based in the convenient business area of St.Petersburg.

Brokerage of the site is conducted by “LEADER” managing company.

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